Ideal dogs for beginners

Which dogs are particularly suitable for beginners? In this article, you’ll learn which breeds are best for novice dog owners.

Dogs for beginners are primarily those whose nature is gentle, balanced, cheerful and friendly. For new dog owners (or those who want to become one) it is also important that their four-legged friend is calm and patient and that training is easy. After all, they have to get used to the role of the pack leader. A dog with a stubborn personality can quickly overwhelm the inexperienced and often ends up in an animal shelter. For working people (i.e. the parents), easy-care dogs that are suitable for the apartment and require little exercise are also very important.

Dog breeds for beginners

For example, the best dogs for beginners include the Golden Retriever, Havanese, Maltese, Papillon, and Bichon Frize. You can find the entire list of the best beginner dogs (with picture) at the end of the article.

Ideal dogs for beginners
Ideal dogs for beginners

By the way: Almost every dog ​​can be a loving, reliable partner for life – no matter what breed. Provided he is brought up and trained appropriately and learns to get along with other dogs from a young age. While we’re on the subject:

upbringing and training

This is a big challenge for anyone who has never raised a dog before. It is said: “There are no bad dogs, only bad training”. And that’s right 95% of the time. It’s not just about the “simple” things, like getting the dog housebroken or teaching him that he’s not allowed on the sofa. It is also important that the dog learns to deal properly with other people and dogs. However, some breed-typical characteristics cannot be “switched off”. These include the following:

Hair and drooling

Yes, that can also be an issue. Before you get a dog, you often have no clear idea of ​​what that means for your own home. Where it was previously clean and well-groomed, a heavily shedding dog can significantly spoil the feeling of well-being in your own four walls. Especially with breeds that shed heavily, this can be such an extreme change for first-time owners that they give the dog back after a short time.


Purebred dogs in particular that have been bred for hunting have a pronounced urge to hunt and often irrepressible energy that can overwhelm them. Other breeds are bred specifically for guarding and protection. That too is an instinct that is difficult or impossible to shake off. While such breeds can make great family dogs, masters need to encourage and keep the dog occupied according to their dispositions.

Dogs that do little work
The question is often asked: is a dog a lot of work? After all, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Most see it as work: a lot of exercise, a lot of grooming, cleaning often and exercising a lot. But a dog is not a stuffed animal, so you should be clear about your own attitude. If the thought of “work” already makes you uncomfortable, you might want to choose a different pet.

Conclusion: Your four-legged friend has to suit you. When deciding on a breed, consider whether it suits your knowledge and experience of owning a dog.

Please note that the dogs presented here are “usually” or “usually” beginner dogs. Every dog ​​has its own character or has had different experiences in its life. By the way: Of course, we only introduce you to dogs that are suitable for children.


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