Homemade dog treats: Bake dog biscuits in the baking mat

Homemade dog treats

Homemade dog treats: Bake dog biscuits in the baking mat

Homemade dog treats have many benefits and fewer calories! It is quite simply up to you which ingredients you add to your treats. Maybe your dog is on a diet or has an intolerance to some foods? Do the contents of some treat manufacturers go against the grain or are you looking for a cheaper alternative? Not only then does baking dog biscuits make sense. This guide contains ideas and information for you on the subject of “homemade dog treats: baking dog biscuits in the baking mat”. We know at least 10 good reasons why the cozy dog ​​bakery deserves to be taken seriously. Do you want to know which ones they are?

Homemade dog treats
Homemade dog treats

Benefits of homemade dog biscuits

Homemade dog treats almost only have advantages! The only disadvantage, of course, is the time factor compared to bought dog treats. It always depends on how you see it! If you enjoy baking dog treats, is time a sacrifice?

Maybe these 12 good reasons can convince you that making dog treats at home is a great idea!

– You know what’s in it!
– You can use organic ingredients!
– You promote the health of your dog with healthy ingredients!
– You save money!
– You can make, portion and store larger quantities!
– Your dog is happy – also about variety!
– You have an occupation that is fun and meaningful!
– You have a great gift for friends with dogs!
– You can process exactly the things your dog loves!
– You can also use dog biscuit baking mats to bake together with the kids!
– Baking mats also make great ice cube molds and you can even bake human cookies, cat treats and horse treats in them.
– The treats are great for administering medication as you control calories and consistency!

Suitable ingredients for DIY dog treats

We start with good news: You can use a lot of ingredients to bake dog biscuits. We don’t want to limit ourselves to dog biscuits either. You can also use these ingredients for a dog cake or other dog treats. The important thing to know is that there are also foods that your dog should absolutely not eat! Please always inform yourself exactly if you are not sure about the ingredients of your choice. You can rest assured that the foods in the table below are perfectly safe for your dog, provided they do not have a food allergy to any of these products.

Matching ingredients for dog biscuit recipes

It applies to all ingredients, biscuits and treats: Always everything in moderation!

Meat & Fish for Dog Biscuits:

chicken/ turkey
lamb meat
Salmon, other fish and fish paste

Liver sausage and fish paste should only be included in moderation and not in bulk on your dog’s menu. If you dose them responsibly, you will make your dog very happy. However, they should only be included in small amounts in your baking creations. It is important that you use special Lebwurst for dogs that does not contain any salt or other spices.

Vegetables and fruits for dog biscuits:

Berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries)

Be careful with zucchini from your own garden. If it grows near ornamental gourds, it becomes a toxic hazard for dogs! You can recognize the responsible bitter substance curcurbiatin by its bitter taste.

Potatoes should only be fed in small quantities and of course only cooked.


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