Checklist cat: “Before you buy”

Checklist cat: “Before you buy”

s a cat suitable as a pet for me? This checklist contains five important questions that you should definitely discuss with your family before buying a cat. There is also parental information at the end.

Before getting a cat:

1. Can you take care of your cat for 12-15 years?

Cats have a life expectancy of around 12-15 years. You may have a lot of time for the animal right now, but what about in a few years? Maybe by then you’ll have finished school, started an apprenticeship or moved to another city to study.

Checklist cat: "Before you buy"
Checklist cat: “Before you buy”

2. Are you allergic?

Unfortunately, if you have an allergy to animal dander, a cat is not an option as a pet. This also applies if a family member is allergic. After all, it lives in the same household, and cats move about in all rooms and rooms.

3. Can someone take care of your cat while on vacation?

Cats don’t like to travel. They love their familiar surroundings. It would be best if relatives or friends can take care of your cat during this time. There are also pet sitters who pay to come by every day to feed and take care of the animal. That is of course expensive. In an emergency, choose an animal pension. However, the unfamiliar environment almost always means a lot of stress for the animals.

4. Is there enough money to care for your cat?

Cats (especially pedigree cats) are expensive to buy and need suitable food and toys. The beloved four-legged friends also need regular vaccinations and medication. Unfortunately, the animals also get sick from time to time and have to go to the vet, in the worst case even an expensive operation. Don’t just ignore it and pretend it can’t happen.

A cat can therefore incur costs in its life. Depending of course on how long she lives. That’s quite a lot!

5. Does the family agree?

Your parents are responsible for your cat. You must agree. Your siblings must also be asked if they are okay with a cat.

parent info

Having a pet can be a great experience for children. Here are five reasons why cats make good pets for children.

Children with cats:

  • learn responsibility.
  • develop self-confidence and empathy.
  • are more active and sick less often.
  • are less stressed and less anxious.
  • feel less alone when parents are at work.

Please do not forget that the sole responsibility cannot lie with the child, but always with the parents. Although your child may help with feeding and grooming, it cannot do these tasks independently until the age of 12 at the earliest.



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